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Monsieur Adi’s baroque inspired EP ‘Fire Fire Fire’ is getting a full release on February 20 – the EP will include 6 tracks, some of which have never been heard before, and will be released through his own imprint Technofavrik.

The whole EP brimming full of emotion as Adi looks to the capture the dystopian atmosphere during the fall of the Roman empire. He expertly blends the evocative nature of baroque with the call to arms that French electro.

The supercharged energy of tracks ‘Fire Fire Fire’, ‘Blood’, and ‘Last Stand’, which features top British singer / songwriter Gary Go, are there to lose yourself too. While more introvert, poignantly stirring tracks like ‘Requiem, written as an homage to Adi’s deceased mother, and ‘In Caelis’ pull at the heart strings.

Monsieur Adi is the maestro of his day who understands the art of melody, texture, mood, and movement to create a stunning opus. This is only an excerpt of what is to come from the upcoming full-length ‘Empire’.

Check out the stirring ‘Requiem’ and keep and eye for more news soon.

File under: Time’s New Roman.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.