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Imagine our surprise when someone left a sendspace link to some supposedly new Daft Punk material from a new album called ‘Sky Dive’ on our comments section. Well, naturally we’d ignore it, we didn’t even bother downloading them at first, but like any DP fan the curiosity got to us, so we thought it was worth a peep.

Here’s what the leakster had to say: “My name’s Emma, I’m 19 and i live in London UK!

“My dad works at Virgin Records in the UK and has access to the servers on their computers. He came home Friday night with a USB stick, i use it from time to time for my files for Uni. I had to put some photos from my computer to my dads so i used his USB on Sunday. When i did so, i found something interesting…”

“I found a file on the USB titled ‘Daft Punk – Sky Dive (2012) (Promo Previews)’

“I am really excited so i thought i would share the file!! I don’t want to get my dad in trouble so i’m not naming him or myself. I’m not a huge DP fan, but hope this means something to you guys? Not sure if this has been released before? Perhaps this is nothing special.”

Well, we thought we’d upload it and if it gets removed then there might be something to it. So have a listen, let us know your thoughts and spread the word. Let’s not forget, the first leak from the Tron soundtrack ‘Fragile’ was a called a fake and turned out to be real, so never say never.

Daft Punk – LCD


Daft Punk – Taking Control


Daft Punk – Waiting Line (Feat. Oizo)


Andrew Rafter

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