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Retro/Grade have released the music video for their new EP, Mindfighter, out this July on Deconstruction Records.

‘Reset’ was the track of the night when we saw the duo play the midnight set for New Year’s eve and their new track ‘Mindfighter’ definitely continues the chrome-plated italo-pop aesthetic.

Following on from the hypnotic disco juggernaut of ‘Reset’, the EP’s title track Mindfighter arrives like a throbbing, chrome-plated vision of the future, the sound of Kraftwerk’s Robots breaking free from their rigid teutonic programming and storming the discotheque.

Over a pulsing drumbeat, bubbling synths and increasingly urgent strings ‘Mindfighter’s’ agitated vocals push the track closer and closer to the edge of reason, perfectly capturing that moment on the dancefloor where things start to spiral out of control. ‘Mindfighter’ comes complete with a time tripping video directed by Weirdcore, also responsible for the band’s epic live visuals.

RETRO/GRADE, MindFighter video by Weirdcore from weirdcore on Vimeo.

New EP – Mindfighter (Motion: Part I)
Released 18/07/2011
Deconstruction Records


Andrew Rafter

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