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Imagine if two French electro stars fell in love. Allure’s debut album ‘French Kiss’ would be the product of this electro love affair. In many ways it’s a weird and wonderful set styles and influences, but Allure manages to, on the whole, pull it off.

Allure’s ‘French Kiss’ is the debut album from a young romantic Parisian Lorris Piasco – his debut LP is aiming to fuse the customary emotion of French love songs with 4-on-the-floor brazen French electro. From the opening track ‘Prelude To Kiss’ you know that you’re listening to something a little more sophisticated than your average French banger.

Allure – Prelude to a Kiss by ALLURE (Paris)

It starts with some alluring synths reminiscent of early Air, but that’s where the parallel ends as the beat drops and you’re greeted with SebastiAn-esque electro; snapping rock drums, side-chained synths and just a mere insinuation of a French love song for its DNA backbone.

You will be treated to a multitude of guest vocals during ‘Allure’, the first is from Axel La Baron who adds his elegant slant on ‘Side By Side’ it’s full of brash piano’s, subtle percussion and a lovely kick – it actually works really well with the vocal acting as a pop-drenched hook.

Lorris Piasco is obviously a bit of French romantic at heart and in so many ways his music conforms to this typecast; it’s classy, subtle and just melts in your ears. It does lack a certain commercial wow factor at some points, but when it comes together it works really well.

The classy synths of ‘Nocturne’ and the big room plush sounds of ‘Renaissance’ which could easily be mistaken as a track from Vitalic’s ‘Flashmob. Will both grab your attention early on. By the halfway point your greeted with the 80’s infused synths of ‘Paradis’ which again tries to instil some emotion and sentiment into your run-of-the-mill French electro – it takes a few listens to really appreciate what Lorris is trying to do.

Allure – Renaissance by ALLURE (Paris)

Overall the album is dispatched with a flair and flamboyancy of say a Justice alongside the soft malleable sentiments of a Breakbot – when it works – it quite something.

The tempo is raised with the harmonious arrangements of ‘French Kiss,’ which is quickly followed by album’s pièce de résistance ‘L’Amiral’ which manages to bring the whole premise of the album into one perfectly formed track – a perfect snap-shot of ‘French Kiss’.

Allure – L’Amiral by ALLURE (Paris)

Overall we can totally see what Lorris was trying to do, in most cases he manages to pull it off, but at sometimes it lacks a certain wow factor especially as he’s trying to add emotion into electro – it would be fair to say that at some points it’s lost in translation. But he’s only 22 – so he can’t be expected to be the finished article just yet. A sterling effort nonetheless.

HBF Rating 7/10

Listen to the entire release below.

French Kiss Album by ALLURE (Paris)

Debut Album is OUT NOW :


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