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Monsieur Adi protege Pyradmid sent us a load of tracks that he has been working on recently, and as you’d expect from the young producer has been a busy little bee experimenting with lots of tones, styles and tempos. But there were a couple that stood out for us straight away. ‘Dark City’ see’s him continue to inject some film score grandeur into a 4-on-the-floor beat and the results are stunning.

The best way to describe it would be if Danger and Kavinsky made a soundtrack for a 80’s french horror a film, probably directed by Ozio. Imagine a cool young French heroin defeating a mob of moaning, groaning Zombie’s, slashing and cutting them with his trusty razor-sharp Rapier to the soundtrack of Pyramid’s ‘Dark City’.

Dark City by -Pyramid-

Download here.

Monsieur Copin has also uploaded a medley of new tracks that his working on – which sound very good indeed. Check them below and be sure to check his blog too. http://www.youarehere.fr/

Future Tracks – Extracts by -Pyramid-

Download here.

He’s also working on a remix of Chilly Gonzales ‘Knight Moves’ – and its sound very promising too. More soon.

Andrew Rafter

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