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We have a special message from Retro/Grade – especially if your an up-and-coming producer – Dillbert 21 take notice.


R3TR0: Retro/Grade make rhythmic noise.

GR4D3: But Retro/Grade want to hear your rhythmic noise.

R3TR0: Retro/Grade will soon release their noise anthem ‘Mindfighter’.

GR4D3: Audio website Soundcloud + Retro/Grade want you to re-programme ‘Mindfighter’.

R3TR0: Re-programme = ‘Remix’

GR4D3: Audio website Soundcloud is offering rewards to humans who programme accomplished ‘remixes’.

R3TR0: One supreme human will be recipient of a 365 day pro account.

GR4D3: The supreme human’s ‘remix’ will be used by Retro/Grade on website blogs across the internet.

R3TR0: Three additional humans will be recipients of lite Soundcloud accounts.

GR4D3: Download the tools.

R3TR0: Re-programme ‘Mindfighter’

GR4D3: Upload your ‘remix’

R3TR0: Await further notifications.

GR4D3: Retro/Grade anticipate your contributions.


Grab all the stems below and get creating.

Mindfighter Remix Competition by Retro/Grade

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.