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Yuksek’s new EP ‘On A Train’ dropped today in France and few other places, unfortunately it won’t reach our shores until May 29th which is a travesty, the thought of new Yuksek be available and not be able to listen to it is not cool.

But all is not lost as Mr Yuksek has uploaded the entire thing to preview on his Soundcloud, which has softened the blow some what.

First up, we have the opening and title track ‘On A Train’ the first thing that comes in your mind is this sounds like a band and not an individual, especially not one who is normally associated with French electro. But the track is very impressive, a combination of indie, with just a smidge of electro.

Mega Mystery Band (Yuksek): On A Train by La 3e heure!

‘Dead or Alive’ continues the indie vocal aesthetic, it is a million miles away from the material on ‘Away From The Sea’ and for many that will be unforgivable, but we think this new direction is more accessible and a refreshing change. It’s more organic, sophisticated and a lot more easy to listen to.

Dead or Alive (preview) by Yuksek

Next up, is ‘Mister Dangerous’ which firmly sets itself up in the land of dance with, swirling synths, big drops, and slightly disappointingly though is it is a bit of a crib of his Vandroid remix from last year. But if it’s dance music you wanted, this is the go-to track.

Mister Dangerous (preview) by Yuksek

The rest of the EP is made up of remixes, first of all is the Gucci Vump remix, which is Brodinski and The Shoes. A tech-house number which we really like, it’s a little sedate, but it captures the original perfectly, expect this to do very well in club land.

YUKSEK – On A Train (Gucci Vump Dub remix) by label Barclay

Next up we have the gem that is the Magician remix, in little over a week it has been played over 45,000 times on The Magician soundcloud and is everything you want it to be and more if you love nu-disco. Pyschedelic synths, piano’s and disco beats.

Yuksek “On A Train” (The Magician Remix) by TheMagician

And to finish we have the ALB cover, not sure who ALB are, but their cover is beautiful and mesmerising.

On a train | ALB cover (preview) by Yuksek

Yuksek has quite clearly wanted to show the world that he can be a proper singer-song-writer, and this is evident throughout the EP, it’s not what we were really expecting, but it’s so well made and expertly sung – who could possibly be disappointed? A artist on the form of his life, and one who shows that he has the diversity and ability to be even bigger that he already is now.

HBF Rating 10/10

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.