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Paris-based electro wiz kid Digikid84 can stand along side some the greats in French electronic music, his debut album ‘Timelapse’ takes you on a journey in his time machine bringing back everything that was amazing about disco, funk and hip hop of the 80’s.

Besides his previous singles, present in new versions, the Digital Kid offers fifteen tracks of a ruthless efficiency. Inspired by Madonna’s juvenile pop and sexual escapades, Prince’s naughty and tight grooves and Thomas Bangalter’s lessons of House music. It’s like being put on a drip of pure 100% 80’s flamboyancy.

Digikid show us his talents with a melodious electronic sound, catchy and futuristic. If Quincy Jones and Prince had given birth to a love brat in 2009, it would’ve been him. But now he’s all grown up and ready to show the world the funk and electro can side by side, drink and smoking underneath a Paris disco glitter ball.

In the right context this album will blow your socks off, Digikid84 gets away with wearing his influences on his sleeve, as the album runs through a series of powerful and uplifting nuggets that defy the listener to raise a smile.

The opening track ‘Star Platinum’ reminded us immediately of Rex The Dog’s work, gleaming synths, punchy drums and a pop vocal that acts as much as hook as it does for rhythm.

Following a similar aesteic ‘Supernature Love’ combines Grum-like happy go-lucky vocals and Tyson 80’s disco-electro. It just wants you to dance with a smile on your face. It’s not too serious but just fun electronic music that works well in a club or at home.

There are nuggets of brilliance all over the place and the first 12-pack with extra sweet and sour sauce comes in the shape of ‘Funk You’ the piano stabs and bass combine with a soulful disco vocal to make a 21st century piece of Bangalter magic. It’s one of those tracks that you will just come back to time and time again.

It’s all here, as ‘Timelapse’ shifts its shape to accommodate all forms of disco, electro, filtered French house, Italo-disco and hip hop.

He despatches a viarety of different genres and styles throughout the album – everything from the filter French touch of Thomas Bangalter with ‘Cuz I know’. Rex The Dog’s power disco with ‘Anything’ and the quirky synth-pop of Kavinsky with ‘Continium’.

Notable other favourites for us came in the shape of the corse and banging ‘Rebel’ if Quincy made electro it would sound like this. We also fell head over heals for his old track ‘Bboy underground’ which been given a new album re-work, the percussion and vintage synths were just devine. Throw in a crazy filtered vocals; that cough’s and splutters from start to finish and you have a track that is cut above your avergage guff around internet these days.

Digikid84 is as exciting as they come and his debut album is full of emotion, disco balls, high heals, neons and 80′s cheese. For us beats into submission the competition from Grum and is easily on par with, if not better than, Rex The Dog’s album ‘The Rex The Dog Show’ it’s more consistent, more powerful and is perfectly executed from start to finish.

HBF Rating 9/10

Out on June 13th.

Check out a sweet medley of the whole thing too.

Digikid84 – Timelapse Medley by Folistar


Grab ‘Rebel’ for free and don’t forget to show Digi some social love too.

Digikid84 – Rebel by Folistar

Download here.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.