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Pyramid 'The Hall' EP Review

Pyramid is a young dude from Lyon, France, you may remember him from a few months ago when he bravely decided to remix Air’s ‘La Femme D’argent’, well he has just dropped his first EP the aptly named ‘The Hall’ on Monsieur Adi’s label Technofavrik.

When we first listened to it a few weeks ago, it didn’t click immediatley, not sure whether we were in the right mood, but we decided to give it a second chance, and we noticed Busy P had selected one of his tracks for a recent chart. Were we too quick to judge? Yes, but boy were we glad we gave it a second chance.

Apparently he actually wants to get into soundtracks, and you can kind of tell from his style, it’s an amalgamation of styles, tones, and textures – it’s not disco, electro, or techno strictly speaking. Sure you can hear elements of all of them, but for us its just good ‘ol fashioned dancey electronica – we can even see a little bit of Trentemoller’s esoteric style in him.

The EP starts of with a mesmerising ‘7 Suns’ which is synth-driven slow-burner, but it has more than enough punch for you to take notice, the bass line is exquisite and brings the two main synths together perfectly, definetly the sought of track that takes more than a couple of listens to really appreciate, but the best always do. It actually sounds like something you could have easily found on the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

Pyramid – 7 Suns (EP 1/5) by Pyramid – EP Out !!!

Next up, we have ‘In Charge’ a castic piece of french avante-garde techno, it probably would scare your average electronic enthusiasts, but the intensity won us over after a couple listens, again you can hear the film score influences, not your average piece of french techno, but this is why it stood out for us.

Pyramid – In Charge (EP 2/5) by Pyramid – EP Out !!!

‘See You On The Other Side’ shows of his talent for multi-genre music, dramatic violins, piano stabs, and then a futuristic synth all comes together to make, for us, probably the high-light of the EP. We wouldn’t be surprised if he had just watched Tron when he was putting this together, the imaginery that flew through our head just cried out robots running in a futuristic world.

Pyramid – See You In The Other Side (EP 3/5) by Pyramid – EP Out !!!

Moving on ‘Dark Knight’ shows off his more playful experimental side, a quite frankly bizarre intro develops into something that is genuinely original and then almost of nowhere it morphs into a piece driving melodic electro, throw in some stirring violins and some clever psychedelic percussion and you’ve got another great track.

Pyramid – Dark Night (EP 4/5) by Pyramid – EP Out !!!

Finally we have the ‘Solar’ his final swan song, it’s another futuristic french electro homage to Tron and is the cherry on the top of this EP. You can grab it as a gift too.

Pyramid – Solar (EP 5/5) by Pyramid – EP Out !!!

Overall the EP just oozes style and sublime production quite like anything we’ve ever heard before, they aren’t the type of tracks that many other DJ’s probably would play but it would make for one hell of a live show. There’s no doubt that Pyramid is going to be one to watch in the future and considering he is so young his future looks very bright indeed.

HBF Rating 8/10

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Released by: Technofavrik
Release date: Mar 28, 2011
Buy here http://www.junodownload.com/products/the-hall-ep/1716422-02