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Iceland might well be bankrupt, but it doesn’t really matter for Jungle Fiction, a trio from Reykjavík, they have enough quality to see out any economic downturn – young, fresh and exciting. Jungle Fiction are purveyors of some lovely trashy electro.

They’ve given us permission to giveaway their remix of Cassette Culture’s ‘We Once Had An Empire’ its got all the hallmarks of Justice and SebastiAn’s dramatic rock/electro. Enough said really. It’s pretty frickin sweet.

Cassette Culture – We Once Had An Empire (Jungle Fiction remix) by Jungle Fiction

Download here.

Also check out their last EP with remixes from the recently featured F.O.O.L and Ishivu – the whole EP is straight out of the top draw.

Heat Of The Nite EP by Jungle Fiction

And grab a sweet mixtape too – full of electro goodness.

Jungle Fiction’s New Years Eve Mixtape by Jungle Fiction

Download here.


Andrew Rafter

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