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Don Rimini’s brand of french electro has been winning fans all over the place, he’s recently released his very first compilation called ‘The Perfect Prescription’ it’s a intoxicating collection of tacks that the ‘Don’ has been caning over the last 12 months.

Donatello Rimini decided that they had to be released and show the world that the newcomers are real, hungry, mad talented, ready to break rules, and about to re-define dancefloors from Chicago to Marseille.

He’s like any brilliant DJ; he’s adept at finding hidden gems in the endless pages of Beatport, obscure records shops and just about anywhere he can. This compilation is testament to his ability to be a proper good old fashioned rummager.

Everything is in their from french house to quirky rave and everything in between – even a bit of chicago jacking house. The quirkier and more off the radar the better – a shewd collection of party fodder and not a plodding techno track in sight.

As the press release says “8 steps to perfection according to 3 criterias: be new, be creative, be bangin” the ‘Don’ hits all three every time with every track.

Apparently it took a whole year to gather these 8 tracks by 15 DJs/producers from various countries. By my reckoning that’s 1 every 45.625 days. Impressive. It was obviously hard to keep these tracks exclusive, but success prevailed and today you get to discover them in full original unadulterated versions. 100% DJ & dancefloor ready.

Our personal favourites would be Modek’s end of set thriller ‘Quasimodo’ . The Town’s atomic fodder that is ‘Spartanic’, and the heavily filtered french bomb ‘Flashin Part2’ by Tagteam Terror. And we’d throw in Ado’s ‘Plugged’ as a cherry on the top.

HBF Rating 9/10 – 1 mark off due to there only being 8 – dam you 60 minute CD’s.

Don’t just take our word for it – a here’s a little mix where the perfect presacription takes centre stage. Meet the ‘Don’ of electro music.

The Perfect Prescription Mix


Grab your copy in 320 here – http://official.fm/tracks/190538

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.