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We’ve been avoiding any remixes of Tron Legacy, we wanted to let the dust settle – after seeing the film we were left with a bitter taste in our mouth – it’s pretty pap.

But this didn’t really effect Daft Punk’s credibility – they did a great job, even though Hans Zimmer ghost wrote it, it’s just a shame the film part of our nerd-vana sandwich wasn’t really worth all the hype.

Digitalism played a great re-edit of the only dance track “Derezzed” at one of their Japanese DJ shows last week – and we been given permission to give away this DJ friendly version by unkown remixer Decalicious.

It’s more a re-edit, but it’s still pretty sweet – just a bit easier to throw in your sets. And it’s in 320 too, which is always a bonus.

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Decalicious Re-edit)


Grab it here.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.