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So, there has been abit of a backlash to the new Aeroplane album on the Evil Erol Alkan forum and ilxor, which we thought was RAD, in fact super-Rad, and we’ve come across news of the second single “Superstar” will be released on 13 September.

“Superstar” for us,  is Aeroplane’s version of Mylo’s “Drop the pressure” – why? I hear you grumble. Because, both feature vocoder-vocals from the artist himself. Hmmm who else does this? Vitalic and Yuksek. Both of them like the sound of their voice. It comes with a couple of excellent remixes as well as the original.

There’s a b-side version with Chromeo singing the vocals, listen below, obviously a they like each other as Chromeo has just had his track “Don’t Turn The Lights Out” remixed by Vito and he came up trumps.

Last but not least, they have got new duo The Kray’s, which of course is Yuksek and Brodinski, and we should be all familiar with by now.

And on the stupid backlash to the album, because it’s not like their remixes, TMS got it perfectly “it’s madness. It’s like they went into listening to it trying to find ‘that paris track’ and then cried when it wasn’t there.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.