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Cassette Jam is duo that you’re going to hear about a lot, well those in know have already sampled the delights of their trashy rave at the Warehouseproject. But those of you from further a field might not have heard of them. They’re definitely worth checking out. If you into the big room rave formula – like Front 242, Soul Wax, and Justice then your gonna love Cassette Jam.

Well, now their ready to hit the big time with their new self titled album Casette Jam, their PR peeps have just sent over the remix of one of their tracks and it’s been mixed by, Filthy Dukes’ Mark Ralph, who is a Kraftwerk obsessive – they even went as far as buying the mixing desk that Conrad Black which was used to make “Autobahn” – these tracks are a real blood descendent of Kraftwerk. And if you haven’t heard of Kraftwerk you may want to just leave now. Go on get your coat.

This magic mixing desk seems to have come up trumps with the two latest singles sounding very good indeed. I’ll pipe down and let let you decide.

Casette Jam Speed Of Light Filthy Dukes Dub by RoryCassetteJam

“Speed of Light” features Lego Johnson and is fine bit of warm sounding trashy electro. Well worth clicking the download button.

Next up, they take their new single “Hey Homo” – down the post dub-step route. With some impressive results – grime riddle inner city beats.

Cassette Jam – Hey Homo! by RoryCassetteJam

For the recording of the album, which they have been given ample studio time to satisfy their synth addiction, Cassette Jam got their hands on the Korg MS20, Moog Voyager, Roland SH101 and the Juno 60 to name but a few. They also mixed the whole thing on German maestro Conny Plank’s old mixing desk

These guys are obviously confident duo and are even giving away the tracks on their Soundcloud, so do them a favour and get the album which is out very soon as the launch party is next week at Big Chill.

Cassette Jam have applied the stadium ethics of the Prodigy, Underworld, and past British greats, and created an electrifying rave-up worthy of a new decade – young, raw and as noisy as it should be.

We will try and get a review of Casette Jam in the near future, but there might not be much point as there is already so much here to listen to and love.

Also, try a remix and mix. Happy listening.

Graffiti 6 – Annie You Save Me (Cassette Jam Vocal Mix) by RoryCassetteJam

Cassette Jam Mix June 2010 by RoryCassetteJam


Cassette Jam – Getting Friendly
Uffie & Pharrell – A.D.D.S.U.V (Armand V.H. Club Mix)
Karoshi – Not Sitting (Cassette Jam Remix)
Logo – La Vie Modern
Cassette Jam – Speed of Light (The Filthy Dukes Remix)
Cassette Jam (Just To Be Naer You (Tom Star Remix)
Tom Staar – Two Tonne Simm
Carte Blanche – Gare Du Nord
Boy 8 Bit – The Keep
The Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Alex Metric Remix)
J-Kwon – Tipsy
Audio Bullies – Only Man
Dead Prez – Bigger Than Hip Hop (Adam F Remix)
Doorly & Rory Lyons – Storm Chord
Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well!
Cassette Jam – laser!
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – lemonade
Cassette Jam – Hey Homo! (Doorly Remix)
Graffiti 6 – Annie You Save Me (Cassette Jam Remix)

Andrew Rafter

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