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Earlier this year, news spread like wildfire online that a mastering engineer had just mastered something new from Daft Punk.

Naturally, the internet lost its shit that there might some new Daft Punk dropping soon. It now turns out, though, that the track in question is actually remastered version of Daft Punk’s first ever remix.

French imprint Micronautics is back from the dead and are reissuing The Micronauts’ classic 1995 debut ‘Get Funky Get Down’ which includes Daft Punk’s first ever remix, a pummeling, acid techno attack in the lineage of Emmanuel Top, rather than Chic.

It was the then barely known duo, having heard the jacking 303 led original at a Parisian rave, who had asked Christophe Monier if they could remix the track. The package also sees new remixes from J Dubs (aka Jamie Fry) and Nature.

The return of Micronautics gives an opportunity to reflect on Monier’s massive influence in shaping this world changing scene. From running fanzine eDEN (recently the inspiration for a feature film of the same name) to putting out crazed acid hardware jams like ‘The Jazz’.

Such activities winning him (and George Issakidis, partner in The Micronauts throughout the 90s) fans from The Chemical Brothers to Madonna who later requested The Micronauts remix treatment, Monier’s vision of Paris was harder and more out there than those of his contemporaries.

Checkout the newly remastered Daft Punk remix of ‘Get Funk Get Down’ below.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.