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LUCES’ latest ‘Once Over Twice’ has summer written all over it

LUCES — Habitual Ritual

Amtrac and Plastic Plates are pursuing a disco–leaning side venture together under the alias LUCES.

We’ve already shared the release’s a-side ‘Habitual Ritual’ and now they’re sharing their second effort, the effortlessly cool ‘Once Over Twice’.

It’s the sort of nu-disco one would expect to hear in an Aeroplane mixtape, if he could be bothered to do them anymore.

For whatever reason, this sort of no-nonsense, stripped-backed disco seems to have all but disappeared and been replaced with way too many feels and r’n’b.

Anyway, it’s very good and we hope to hear from LUCES in the coming months.

Both ‘Habitual Ritual’ and ‘Once Over Twice’ are out now via Let’s Play House.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.