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Ahead of his track ‘Absence of Rhythm’ getting another outing via Eskimo Records’ new compilation, The Red Collection, which comes out next month, we thought we grab a chinwag with Aussie come German, TSM (This Soft Machine), aka Tim Sullivan.

Not only did we have a chat with the DJ and producer to find out what makew him tick, he’s also given us the honour of premiering the video for his Flight Facilities remix of ‘Clair De Lune’, which he’s flipped into a delightful slice of restrained disco.

Originally created for his own DJ sets, the Aussie via Munich has now been given permission from Flight Facilities and their overlords, Future Classic, to unleash his disco-leaning remix into wilds in both video and audio form, and we’ve got the video. For which he’s created a rather lovely 8-bit video to accompany his delightfully twangin’ remix.

Flight Facilities feat Christine Hoberg – Clair De Lune (TSM Remix) from TSM aka This Soft Machine on Vimeo.

So without further ado lets get this disco show on the road.



Can you please introduce yourself?

Timothy Sullivan aka TSM aka This Soft Machine.

Whereabouts are you today…?

Germany, Munich, sitting on the couch. I just underwent shoulder surgery so I’m house bound for the good part of a month.

And what’s the view like…?

The rooftops were covered in snow till earlier this week. It had snowed a lot here recently but it’s all but melted away now.

Gives us five words that best describes your new track…?

Morse Code. Percussion. Sultry. Go.

Who inspired you into a life of music… ?

My music teacher in High School was always extremely supportive. His name was Mr. Champion (no joke).

Do you ever regret it…?

I sometimes wish I had studied something after High School.

If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be and why…?

The removal of all sexist, homophobic & racist posers.

Who is your favourite artist…?

Ryuichi Sakamoto.

What was the first record you bought…?

The Smiths – Strangeways, Here we Come

What was the last record you bought…?

I recently bought a few 7” records. One of them was – Gary’s Gang – Keep on Dancin’/ Do It At The Disco

What track do you wish you’d written…?

Space – Carry On , Turn Me On

What track makes you happiest…?

Keith Jarrett – Over the Rainbow

What track makes you saddest…?

Shigeru Umebayashi – Sorekara

What’s your favourite club…?

I had some special nights at Eleven in Nishiazabu [Tokyo]. Sadly, it’s now closed.

What’s your favourite after party record…?

Peter Green – Little Dreamer

What track has had the most influence on you…?

Brian Eno – By This River

Which of your own tracks are you most proud of…?

What’s your current favourite record…?

I’m enjoying the new compilation on Eskimo Recordings that Psychemagik compiled.

If your studio was one fire and you go back in to save one thing, what would it be and why…?

Probably my Bass Guitar and as many books as I can fit under my arms.

Eskimo’s ‘The Red Collection’ is out March 3, TSM will be playing at the launch party at Circus, Tokyo, on March 4.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.