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Psychemagik are known for many things: they’re great DJs, expert remixers, talented producers (both individually and as a duo), and most imporantantly they’re diehard crate-diggers.

The fourth prong of their appeal is what we’ll be focussing on today. In the past the duo have released several crate-digging compilations – under the name Magik Sunrise – and they’re legendary mixes.

If you scour Discogs you’ll see comments like “obscure brilliance” and “just when you think you know music Psychemagik come along with another compilation”. High praise indeed. So as you can imagine when we saw they’re returning to their crate-digging wares with a new compilation on Eskimo Records we approached this themed 3-CD compilation with both excitement and trepidation.

Thankfully, ‘Ritual Chants’ is everything you’d expect from the duo that gave the world Magik Sunrise. The 45 tracks or so – which range from proto pop to chincy disco, and everything in-between – are arranged into three complimentary themes (beach, love and dance), and then the whole thing is meticulously programmed to play out as a one cohesive journey. And what’s this particular journey like? In a word: Magikal.

Psychemagik’s ‘Ritual Chants’ is out November 18 via Eskimo Records.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.