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If there’s one silver lining to come out the Elastic Artists affair it’s the creation of Orchid Artist Management, which sees a host of EA’s former agents band together to launch their own agency.

Orchid Artist Management consists of Geoff Kirkwood (Man Power), David Grigorian (an experienced agent) and former Elastic Artists’ agenct Alberto Mombelli, who is described as a “respected and diligent” and brings with him an impressive roster.

The agency’s website goes live proper this Friday alongside their full roster. Kirkwood has admitted to us via email that they have been working on the agency since the summer, presumably when the wheels began to fall off Elastic Artists finances.

Speaking about the agency’s focus, Geoff Kirkwood said, “We’re running as a booking agency for established artists, but we’re also working on development for break out artists, as well as artists from outside of Europe.”

For more information head over to http://orchid-am.com for the agency’s roster on December 11.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.