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Mysterious day-time disco man Neptune Safari is back with a new track, just 3 weeks after we posted his very first track ‘Adeline Is In A Water Drop’, which, in case you were wondering, went on to clock up 9,000 plays. Not bad for a supposed newcomer.

Anyway, he’s been in contact again, but this time I tried to extract some information from him, asking: “How long have you been making music under the Neptune name?”. “Three weeks” he replied. Then like a caped crusader he disappeared into the g-mail ether.

His latest offering is a remix of LifeLike and Kris Menace’s ‘Discopolis’, which might have been used for a remix competition at some point. His remix carries on his warm day-time aesthetic, and is once again impeccably produced. If I was a better man I’d say it’s unlikely to be the work of some snotty nosed 16-year-old producer. But I could be wrong.

The mystery continues…..


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.