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Gather round children. There once was a man in New York called Todd Edwards, who has been making garage-y infused house for around 20 years, and it just so happens it sounds a lot like Disclosure, in fact, we probably wouldn’t have Disclosure if it wasn’t for Todd.

Todd also has another claim to fame; he wrote and produced Daft Punk’s ‘Face to Face’. It’s on their ‘Discovery’ album, in case you’ve not heard it. It’s really really good – and for many Daft Punk fans is one of the Robot’s finest pop songs.

Well, as part of the new ‘Random Access Memories’ collaborators series, which features artists who have worked on new album, Todd has talked, or gushed, about his time spent recording a new song on ‘Random Access Memories’; it’s a happy tale of west-coast vibes during his three week bromance with Guy-man and Thomas.

The interview goes into detail on how Daft Punk have gone about recording their new album, and from what’s been said: they’ve ditched the DAW and gone back to a time where someone actually had to pick up one of those things called an instrument. I know, how 1992.

Basically we’re calling it now: ‘Random Access Memories’ will be a number 1 album in the UK and US.

Next up, Nile, Chilly, Pharell – the whole gang.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.