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It would seem that house music is a cool again, not that it ever wasn’t. This year has seen a glut of producers going back to house it as if it’s some form of long-lost genre, with everyone from Bicep to Bondax touting their “real” house credentials.

It’s seemingly the same for Belgian producer A.N.D.Y who, instead of following the rest, has decide to inject a bit of urban flair into his debut single ‘Pump It Up’ which features vocals from rising urban vocalist Nyemiah Supreme.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: hip hop and house? This best not sound like Will.I.Am.a.douche – and thankfully it doesn’t, but if you really can’t stomach the vocals there’s an instrumental version too.

Sure, it’s a bit of a risk – but A.N.D.Y is far too clever to fall into the usual pit falls you’d associate with combining hip hop and house. It’s a divisive track – but anyway you look at it, it’s good to see producers take risks.

Out today via Smile Recordings.

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Andrew Rafter

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