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Ewan Pearson presents his third compilation, which as compilations should, shows that Ewan Pearson is man of great taste and reminds you of the quality and quantity of electronic music that is out there.

Compilations are usually divided into two camps: those consisting of Topshop compilations full of handbag house and those that are so obscure they even come as a surprise to their record label.

This belongs to the later, released on influential german label, Kompakt. There are a few names here known to outsiders of the electronic scene, but it demonstrates the considerable talent to be found within the racks of anonymous-looking 12″ singles.

Like many of the finest compilations it is hard to identify the highlights due to the fact that it is impeccably mixed.

Starting off with serenity of “Bird On Tree” it draws the listener into a journey that surprises, informs and engages throughout, the gentle atmospheric synthesised strings and submerged chords combine with the triggered beats to great effect.

Personal favourite Equilibrium combines with the distorted soulful “Shiroi” to create a quirky new groove that only true connoisseurs can appreciate – like many of the best CD”s “We are proud of are choices” develops and improves after several listens.

Ewan’s ability with Ableton Live and a load of obscure tracks makes for an enthralling listen – you’re never quite sure where it’s going, but you’ll definteley enjoy the ride.

Ewan Pearson – Kompakt Session, Mar 2010 from R.fm at Letsmix.com.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.