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Justice reckon David Guetta releases really good music under secret aliases

In a week where fake artists have been at the centre of attention for Spotify, Justice’s Xavier De Rosnay has let it slip in a recent interview that David Guetta also uses secret aliases to release music that’s actually really good.

During a quick-fire interview with Justice, which is in French and then subtitled in French below, De Rosnay was asked who he would pick between French electro don Vitalic and David Guetta — he naturally chooses Vitalic, but also offers up a cryptic rumour about Guetta’s somewhat checkered output.

He says that the king of rubbish EDM actually releases “really great” music but under fake names and different aliases, and that it’s a “strange” decision by Guetta.

So there you go, Guetta might actually be playing us all for fools.

Via Mixmag