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Review: Vitalic delivers another fiendishly fun-filled full-length with ‘Voyager’

Vitalic Voyager

Using the entire gamut of disco, from chintzy to italo, as his main reference point, Vitalic returns with his fourth studio album, ‘Voyager’, that’s another fiendishly fun-filled full-length from the legendary French producer.

Interestingly, though, it’s not actually the bangers that make ‘Voyager’ a success (though they are all here and present). It’s actually the poppier side of Vitalic’s personality that’s the most compelling part of his onstage persona – and it’s this side that’s actually fueling the album’s best bits.

Highlights include the operatic electro of ‘Eternity’, the suave-sounding space disco of ‘Waiting For The Stars’, and the stunning starry-eyed duet alongside Miss Kitten for ‘Hans Is Driving’.

The album also has its fair share of straight-up bangers too; ‘Nozomi’ sounds like a disco track that’s been fed through a turbine engine, ‘Lightspeed’ on the other hand is a spiralling kaleidoscope of steely hooks and pummeling drums, and ‘Levitation’ is a sleazy cut of synth wave that sounds like it’s destined to soundtrack Hollywood’s next 80s action pastiche.