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Between 2013 and 2014, Rex The Dog (Jake Williams) decided he wanted to make his own modular synthesiser components – so he did what any proper synth enthusiast would do: he stopped making music and went to an electronics school.

With his new found knowledge he built his first drum machine, the RTD101, which would be housed in his new modular synth, which you can see him playing below.

Everything he’s released since then – and I mean everything – has been absolute gold; tracks like the melodic ‘You Are a Blade’, the frenzied acid of ‘Muzik Hypnotises’, and the sculptured ‘Sicko Sicko’ have seen Williams take stripped back electro and techno to new heights.

For his latest single, ‘Teufelsberg’, Williams decided to add some field recordings into into his already heady analogue broth – so whilst visiting Germany he decided to visit at a former cold war spy station, as you do.

“It’s this huge Cold War structure, set up to intercept communications coming out of East Germany,” explained Williams to Sythtopia in a recent interview for the video’s premiere.

“There are two smaller domes, which are quite torn up and interesting. But, if you climb nine stories, you get to the largest dome, which is really the main event.

“The acoustics are super spooky – any little sound just goes berzerk. I recorded only about 5 minutes in there, but when I went through the recordings there was this kind of short howl sound – a combination of the wind hitting the edge of a hatch and people on the stairs. I put it in the sampler, and it plays the main melody of the track. Pitched down through a reverb it sounds really mournful, but when you pitch it upwards it seems to really take off.”

Watch Rex The Dog play his new track ‘Teufelsberg’ in a mesmerising live modular performance below.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.