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Daft Punk merchandise is everywhere at the moment, in a few years time you’ll easily be able to have an entire house adorned with Daft Punk everything – and who wouldn’t want that?

With that in mind, toy maker Medicom – who have been making Daft Punk figurines for a while now – have taken their passion one step further with a new set of Daft Punk figurines that depict everyone’s favourite robots in their Discovery era outfits.

It gets better though.

These particular figurines have fully working LED visors – there is a catch though: they cost an eye-watering $256 each.

I know, I know – they’re stupidly expensive, but I must have them.

Standing just shy of 12-inches, the Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo and Thomas Bangalter figurines won’t be available until May of next year – so you’ve got sometime to save up for their arrival.

Bookmark this page now or you’ll never forgive yourself.

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