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Digitalism are set to return this May with a new album, ‘Mirage’, and a renewed sense of purpose from the Hamburg duo.

Alongside the new album (which is really good by the way), the Hamburg-based duo have unveiled three contrasting tracks to wet your whistle in the meantime.

The first, ‘Utopia’, is quite simple upon first inspection; a stunning riff, saturated to the point of breaking, and then wrapped around a progressive house arrangement – at times it kinda sounds like Tiesto’s ‘Adagio For Strings’ being played at half speed 😳 – but it just so happens that this progressive pay-off, alongside a frenetic chip tune breakdown, makes for one of the duo’s best tracks to date.

Next up you have ‘Battlecry’, where the duo are back in band mode a la ‘I Love You dude’; and it’s actually very good, full of chubby basslines, snarling synths and Jence’s perfectly delivered vocals.

And finally, you have ‘The ISM’ the most out-there of the three – and while it is properly bonkers, it’s this kind of experimentalism that saw Digitalism carve out their own style all those years ago which is on show in spades on this track. A banger in every sense of the word.

And as an extra treat, you can now hear the H.O.S.H remix of ‘Utopia’ who flips the dramatic original into a playful slice of pixie electro for a charmingly eccentric remix.

Pre-Order the Album ‘Mirage’ here: hyperurl.co/MirageDigital

Buy the Utopia (H.O.S.H Remix) here: hyperurl.co/UtopiaHOSH


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Andrew Rafter

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