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A long-lost Daft Punk demo from the duo’s third album ‘Human After All’ offers an interesting glimpse into the robot’s third album.

Back in 2005 in the lead-up to their highly anticipated third album, Daft Punk launched a remix content for ‘Technologic’, along with the track’s stems there was a demo track that didn’t make the final album.

Listening to the improvised track is like taking a peep into an alternate dimension where ‘Human After All’ wasn’t a huge let down.

Human After All is considered by Daft Punk to be “pure improvisation,” with the aim of the album to create a cold and unpleasant record, presented as an “unfinished stone.” The album is not intended to make the listener feel good, but shows that even machinery and extremely robotic sounds can have a small portion of human emotion.

In 2005, Daft Punk held a small and short-lived remix competition and gave out the uncut stems for Technologic. A quick listen to the stems show that they were truly picking up guitars and just screwing around on the spot until a melody was formed.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.