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LEVELZ make a statement ahead of handing back control of Elastic Artists’ social media accounts

It’s been a roller coaster ride this week with Manchester collective LEVELZ going to war with Elastic Artists over unpaid fees and the agency’s imminent collapse.

Today, LEVELZ are set to hand back control of Elastic Artists’ social media accounts and have released a statement that sheds some light on their unorthodox methods in drawing attention to the whole saga.

We’re going to shut down this operation now having made our point, in a way that’s made us laugh over this situation rather than cry, and got us some PR as we now have no money for promoting our next release, or to even pay our studio rent; and also, we know how the internet works, as we’re so last Monday now we had better knock it on the head.

We did this for all the artists, agents, assistants and promoters that have lost funds, and then been so disrespected by lack of contact, explanation or apology. We know that the agents who worked at Elastic really were in no way to blame and didn’t even have any knowledge of how ropey a financial position Elastic were in til the last minute. Arguably they have been dealt a worse card than everyone. This campaign was in no way directed at them.

We have heard, but can’t confirm, that our actions have pushed the company into administration quicker, meaning that ex-staff will now be getting their redundancies sooner. We do hope that is the case.

Now that we are giving the reins to their social media back, we do hope ELASTIC ARTISTS will take the opportunity to apologise and make a clear statement to shed some real light on the situation, and give info on who people can contact with regards to recovering as much of their wages as possible.

Maybe you should encourage them to do so via the power of social media. Take it from us they are getting those tweets.


P.S. Don’t Fuk aid us. Nobody’s safe 😉


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.