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Running a music blog can be a thankless task at times, trawling through thousands of emails a week in the vein hope you might stumble across a hidden gem to post. Well, that’s all about to change with SubmitHub, a new system designed and created by Indie Shuffle’s Jason Grishkoff that looks to streamline the whole process.

“Over the years I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the number of email submissions to Indie Shuffle. On a busy day, we’re getting 300+ submissions from artists, publicists and labels seeking to have their work placed on the website,” explains Grishkoff to HBF.

“The emails took all the fun out of my passion for finding new music. Instead of being fun, music blogging was quickly becoming a chore. Eventually, I cracked. And that’s how SubmitHub was born.”

The current system, which has is currently in beta, has already signed up a number of notable music blogs including ourselves, Dancing Astronaut, Hill Dilly, Indie Shuffle, Going Solo, Never Enough Notes, Howl & Echoes and Indietronica with the promise of more blogs being added to the service in the coming weeks and months.

From a bloggers perspective, we get a simple, easy-to-navigate list of tracks to go through, no PR spiel, just the music alongside a set of buttons that allows us to select tracks to post, save them for later or refuse them if we don’t think they’re the right fit.

PRs also benefit too, they get a service where they can target a raft of blogs from one easy-to-use system. It’s basically a win-win for both sides. PRs get more tracks listened to and quicker response times and we get more tracks to post.

In the coming months, Grishkoff plans to add even more functionality to the service including the ability to attach files, playlists, and a system that prevents pushy PRs (you know who you are) from spamming everyone who has signed up to the service, meaning they have to be more careful who they pitch to and how many times.

Organisation is coming.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.