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How long is an EP? And when is an EP actually an album, or vice versa? We’re faced with this conundrum with French Horn Rebellion’s new EP, ‘Foolin’ Around’, their first piece of original material since 2010.

French Horn Rebellion’s new “EP” is a seven tracks long, but we come across plenty of releases that are shorter and are classed albums. For example, Die Verboten’s excellent new space rock album is also seven tracks as well – you can see our problem.

Thankfully, FHB’s new EP is easily good enough to be classed as an album, it’s bordering on Star In Their Eyes levels of pastiche, admittedly – but the chorus’ stand the test of multiple listens so far, especially for ‘Foolin’ Around’ and ‘Classical Baby’, and the voluptuous melodies are carefree and frenetic in equal measure.

When it all becomes too much they throw in some curveballs to keep the final third fresh and unpredictable with the swashbuckling ‘Won You Over’ and prickly p-funk synths of ‘RPM’s Jam’.

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Andrew Rafter

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