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Our increasingly infrequent Introducing interview series returns today, and we’ve lined-up Turkey’s latest export Pineapple Pop – aka Hemi Behmoaras – who is causing quite a stir with his new alias, so we thought it was high time we gave him a friendly HBF grilling.

In a very short amount of time Behmoaras has built up a reputation as a workaholic with two contrasting aliases – Pineapple Pop and Paradisko, alongside Hakan Özkan – allowing him the freedom to work on both disco and house productions. As well as two aliases, he runs his own label High Above The Ground, which has seen a variety of releases from the likes of Irregular Disco Workers and Holy Models.

As well as an today’s interview, Behmoaras has been hard at work making us a Pineapple Pop mixtape, dubbed Pinetape, to give you lot a flavour of his style and influences. Expect to find lots of warm, bouncy cuts of house mixed to perfection from the Turkish native.

Behmoaras will release his Pineapple Pop debut EP, ‘RVLTN’, next month which features one original and three remixes from Bit Funk, cult disco duo In Flagranti and Belgian Techno ace Maxim Lany. Bit Funk takes the original to a beach side with a hypnotic feeling whereas In Flagranti create a dark disco interpretation. Last but not least the atmospheric and techy ambient touch of Maxim Lany sees the Belgian create a deep and diverse interpretation to finish off the EP.

Hey, Pineapple Pop, tell us your name and where you’re from?


I’m Hemi from Istanbul you might know me as being ½ of Paradisko along my partner in crime Thousand Fingers (Hakan Özkan).

And what’s the weather like?

Well, right now in the summer, it’s very hot, very humid and boring, rooftops and beaches are our saviour though. Then in the winter it’s very cold, from 10 to -2 degrees but at least there are good events going on even though we have very few clubs here.

You’ve currently got quite a few projects on the go at the moment – tell us about them and your new one Pineapple Pop?

Well, it all started with making parties and DJ’ing along with Hakan Özkan, we managed to blend our styles, disco and house together, and managed to have fun from it so we founded Paradisko around late 2013. Since then we’ve produced 3 EP’s and done 5 remixes for artists like Shiundu and Justin Faust and we also did a collaborative EP with Final Djs. Also we’ve had our tracks remixed by Xinobi, Mighty Mouse, Bufi, Munk and many more. There’s a new track Paradisko track on the way and following that an EP with Martin Roth and Final Djs remixes.

Next up though is my new solo project Pineapple Pop. I have been thinking of this project for around a year. I was planning to have a more disco based project but with my taste evolving during the Paradisko process the project evolved to have a more garage/house sound and with the vocal sample there is also an influence from soul music. I’m very stoked to have the first EP out, the reception will shape the future of the project a lot for sure.

I also have a label called High Above the Ground (HATG) which focuses more on mellow disco and house. First three releases are from Irregular Disco Workers, Bluehost and Holy Models. Xinobi, Mighty Mouse, Falcon Punch, Jad & The Ladyboy, Modulaire, Final Djs and Mijo have already contributed with some awesome remixes.

The next two releases of the label will come from Pineapple Pop and Paradisko.

Turkey seems like a fascinating place culturally – what’s the electronic music scene like?

Well, much like the political scene it’s a bit complicated and messy. Promoters (even though there are few) do their best to bring big acts over and every weekend there’s at least one good gig coming up (I mean really good). But the main problem here is mainly the €/TL currency issue which makes the artist fee’s regarding the Turkish economy a problem. This is reflected in high ticket prices. So people are always trying to be on guest lists and if they don’t it can be harder to get them to the club from time to time.

Another issue is that I think Turkish crowds are not sure what to listen to. People are more focused on listening to tech house with no groove at all. Also deep house is an ongoing phenomenon here. Techno is about to come back and so will old school house I hope. But still it’s hard to see what will happen next.

Your first Pineapple Pop release is out soon, tell us about the release and the remixes?

The first EP, RVLTN will come out on 14th September from French label On the Fruit Music. The EP includes an original with three remixes. The original is more like happy, housey tune with some garage influences. The remixes are quite diverse I must say. Bit Funk (totally an exciting name for me to work with) did a mix with a disco touch and a tropical feeling to it. It’s very energetic and I’m sure it’ll get a lot of attention. 

On the other hand, In Flagranti (another name that makes me super honoured to work with, I’m a big fan of them) did a dark disco/techno’ish tune with awesome drum use. Very atmospheric and strong, I’m very happy with that remix as well. Then finally we have another darker approach to the track from Maxim Lany (a great Techno producer in my opinion), he’s done a mix that’s very atmospheric with this melodic, techno touch to it.

What’s next for Pineapple Pop?

The 2nd EP is almost ready! The plan is to finalise it asap and release it before Christmas. Apart from that I have a remix to start soon and then I’m willing to start EP #3 as well. And of course, playing out as much as I can!

If your studio was on fire and you could go back and save one thing what would it be and why?

“The” hard drive which has the all ideas and plug-ins, I guess. They are the hardest thing to bring back, especially the ideas!

1. Pineapple Pop – RVLTN (Original Mix)
2. Art of Tones – The Rainbow Song (S3A Broken STL Remix)
3. Andhim – Boy Boy Boy (MK Remix)
4. Leon Vynehall – Butterflies (Original Mix)
5. Black Fan – Dancin’ Together (Original Mix)
6. Crackazat – Eye Light (Midnight)
7. Chris Carrier – Magic Gallery (Original Mix)
8. Glasses emoticon Voyeur – Why
9. Lay-Far – Side 2 Side (I Just) (Fouk Remix)
10. Borrowed Identity – You Can’t Change a Man
11. Fort Romeau – Cloche (Tuff City Kids Club Mix)


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.