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As a DJ, producer, and Hercules and The Love Affair’s touring vocalist, Whitney Fierce is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Her latest, floating house infusion ‘The Night Air’ gets a saucy Justin Faust remix treatment and HBF has got your exclusive first listen below.

Fierce is most recognisable for her central role on Hercules and The Love Affair’s 2012 lo-fi cut ‘Release Me’. ‘The Broken Car Window’ EP marks her debut as a solo artist, but each track on the EP features Fierce’s iconic ‘90s vocal flare.

Munich-based house and disco savant Justin Faust changes the mood of the original and pitches Fierce’s vocals down for a rich soundscape that’s rooted firmly in the producer’s own style. He adds a bevy of lilting effects and chord progressions on top of an unconventional house rhythm to give the original’s “dream house” quality a bouncing dancefloor delivery.

‘The Broken Car Window’ EP is out now via Rock It Science Laboratories, with more remixes from Eric Sharp, Give In, Human Movement, and Curses.

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