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LG Takes Aim At Sonos With Their Music Flow Family of Multi-Room Speakers

LG is taking aim at Sonos’ multi-room audio crown with a revamped version of its Music Flow family of multi-room speakers.

LG’s system has now been revamped with the addition of four smart Blu-Ray players that allows users who are holding onto their CD collection to play CD quality music wirelessly through the speakers.

Elsewhere, there are speakers – HS9, HS7, H7, H5, H3 – that are suitable for a range of room sizes and budgets, including a new fully portable battery-powered speaker that works via Bluetooth.

There’s also a rather stunning soundbar that come with a poweful subwoofer, unlike Sonos’ soundbar which requires a separate subwoofer to be purchased.

The newly revamped range will also be the first multi-room speaker system that comes with Google Cast compatibility, which is Google’s answer to Apple’s Airplay, but for audio, and is part of Google’s Chromecast family.

Other nice touches see all the speakers capable to playing audio from an aux input, so if you’ve not got a Wi-Fi network to hand you can just plug in your laptop, phone, tablet or mp3 player. Purchase five speakers – including the soundbar and subwoofer – and you can bring them together for a very capable 5.1 system too.

Google Cast is now available on LG Music Flow models including HS9, HS7, H7, H5, H3 and it will be coming to the H4 portable by the end of May.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.