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A German Youtuber, who dubbed cheesy 90s pop tracks over Boiler Room sets, hit the headlines this week when his hilarious spoof clips went viral.

Those videos quickly got takendown by Boiler Room, who DMCA’d all of his efforts much to the distain of almost anyone with a sense of humour.

Since then, Thump contacted the Youtuber, who goes by the name of Shap, to get his side of the story, and it turns out Boiler Room actually did think they were funny, and will allow the German Youtuber to do some more if he agrees that the ad money goes to charity.

“They explained that they regularly take down spoof videos to protect the artists because not all of them signed up to be turned into a viral spoof video. But they think the videos are very funny and we’re going to work together to figure out a way of bringing them back bigger and better and with any ad revenue going to a charity,” he told Thump.

Shap was quite surprised how quickly the videos blew up and how quickly they got taken down, “It was supposed to be a quick, funny, non-commercial project. I didn’t think it would be a problem,” he added.

So there you go, Adolph Hipster does have a sense of humour.

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Posted by Shap on Friday, May 29, 2015

Andrew Rafter

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