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To kick start your week, we’re premiering Ben Gomori’s latest swashbuckling slice of house, ‘Neuroplasticity’, which features vocals from unknown London vocalist JNR Williams.

The vocal actually comes with an interesting story explains Gomori: “JNR Williams is a guy I found busking on the street, got him in a studio for a tryout and then he went AWOL after that… I used the vocals from his session (which I paid him for) and registered him as 50-50 co-writer”.

The rest of the track sees Gomori whip the track up into a frenzy before dispatching waves of squiggling acid tops lines over Williams’ soulful vocals.

Elsewhere, Label head Tom Budden remixes ‘Neuroplasticity’ for a more heads down warehouse vibe, toughening up the drums lines and putting emphasis on the original’s plump bass line.

With more releases lined-up throughout 2015 and his Turned On podcast picking plaudits and listeners by the bucketload, things are really looking up for Ben Gomori in 2015.

Make sure you grab your copy of ‘Neuroplasticity’ today via Alive Recordings.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.