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Daft Punk have always gone to great lengths to not show their faces in public – until now that is.

French artist Xavier Veilhan has created a stunning series of plywood statues of famous producers including Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter and Guy-man de Homem-Christo who were laser scanned unmasked.

When Xavier approached Guy-Man and Thomas, the robots thought it would be a good idea that if anyone wanted to see what they looked like in real life they could just look at Veilhan’s stunning sculptures.

Veilhan explains, “The funny thing is I didn’t even ask them. It was a very logical response to my proposal: I proposed to introduce them as producers, not as musicians, and so after talking to them, we decided that they should appear with their civilian names. […] They proposed to me: ‘Okay, we should make the sculpture the non-existing image of us. So if somebody wants to see how we are like in real [life] they’ll have to look at the sculpture.”

The series also features sculptures of disco legend Giorgio Moroder, the Neptunes, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Rick Rubin, Nigel Godrich, Quincy Jones, and Cassius’ Philippe Zdar.

“I had been thinking about it for a few years and we made the decision quite late. Everything was done in a rush, but it was a great energy, because the biggest part was not to make the actual sculptures, but to contact the actual producers,” Veilhan says, “and I didn’t have a clue about how much they would respond to the idea.”

Via Creators Project & Pitchfork 

Picture from Galerie Perrotin

Andrew Rafter

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