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Next week BBC three will show Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive but instead of the film’s original soundtrack, the film will be accompanied by a new soundtrack that has been curated by (shivers) Zane Lowe.

The new re-score will feature a rag-tag of artists who should probably know better including Prydz, 1975, Foals, Sbtrk, and more.

What we can’t work out is why? Why Drive? Why now? It’s not even that old and judging by the reaction on Twitter today, it doesn’t seem to be sitting right with anyone, apart from Zane of course.

Speaking about re-score Lowe said, “Honestly, this is the most exciting thing that this show has ever been involved in. It’s the most ambitious, awesome thing we’ve ever done. We’ve been working on it all year and we’re super-proud of it – you don’t want to miss this!”

Well, you can find for yourselves next week when Drive ‘The Re-score’ will be aired on BBC 3 on October 30 at 10pm. And a little bit of advice Zane, I’d probably stay away from Twitter on the 30th for at least 48 hours.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.