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Last year, Frank Rivoire – better known by his alias Danger – unveiled a new side project dubbed: Sunset, alongside a creapy video for a track called ‘Krystal‘.

Well, almost one year to the day, Sunset are back with their debut EP ‘S01E0205‘. The EP is presented like a TV show where each of the 4 tracks makes up the first season, confused? So are we.

Apparently there’s going to be a track a week unveiled via Sunset’s Youtube channel. You can watch the first episode below, which has been directed by Rivoire himself, and features the same masked terrorist from the first video, stood next to gym bros and girls with guns.

Music-wise, ‘Kim‘ features the same rapper from ‘Krystal‘ who, once again, is reading a monologue in French set against uplifting synths and foreboding basslines.

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Andrew Rafter

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