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Last night Bipolar Sunshine performed an intimate set at Bose’s Urban Conductor music experience in Manchester’s City centre.

Visitors to Bose’s Urban Conductor music experience are tasked with remixing a track using Bose’s SoundTrue headphones, which was specially created for the event by singer songwriter Ella Eyre and composer David Arnold.

The track in question is actually a cover of ‘Pompeii‘ by Bastille and once you’ve remixed it, it then automatically gets uploaded to Soundcloud so you can share it with your friends using the hashtag ListenForYourself.

The exhibition is housed inside three shipping containers strewn in front of Manchester’s iconic Great Norther Warehouse. Once inside visitors are greeted with their own mixing board of sorts, a pair of Bose Soundtrue headphones, and 8 faders assigned to the main parts of the track; keys, strings, bass, drums, vocals, orchestra and two sets of effects.

Once you hit the record button you can re-construct the track’s arrangement as you see fit, with the resulting unique composition automatically emailed to you as a Soundcloud upload.

Elsewhere, visitors are also treated a number of insightful mini documentaries which shine a spotlight onto unexpected music scenes from around the world. There you’ll be introduced to the burgeoning dancehall scene in Japan, the rise of EDM in India and the underground indie scene in Mexico.

Bipolar Sunshine was on hand to provide some live entertainment on the night as the Manchester singer songwriter warmed the crowd up with tracks from his forthcoming album including, ‘Deckchairs On The Moon‘ and ‘Where Did The Love Go‘. Check back later for a candid interview with Bipolar Sunshine.

The Bose ‘Urban Conductor’ is open to the public on the 10th October 16.00-21.00 / 11th October 11.00-18.00 / 12th October 11.00-18.00 and is situated at the Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester.

And below you can listen to our dismal attempt at remixing Eyre and Arnold’s cover of ‘Pompeii‘.

Discover more: listenforyourself.tumblr.com

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Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.