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Whether it’s Daft Punk and Pharrell, Disclosure and Nile Rodgers or McFly and Busted, it would be fair to say the last fews years have thrown up quite a few interesting collaborations. The latest two powerhouses to join forces like the Rebel Alliance are Scandinavian heavyweights Robyn and Röyksopp.

Billed as a mini album, ‘Do It Again‘ is set across 5 tracks and while the title of ‘Album’ might be a little generous there’s still plenty to sink your teeth into as almost all the tracks are on the flabbier side of long, with two clocking in at the 10 minute mark.

A case in point is the album’s first track ‘Monument’ which is two seconds short of 10 minutes. It’s dark, disorientating, and the only solace to be found is in Robyn’s powerful vocals. Admittedly it does begin to drag a bit if we’re honest but if you hold on in there you’ll be treated to a morbid sax solo, which is nice.

Even stranger is the second song ‘Sayit‘ but in a good way; it’s face-slapping acid track that’s flanked by robotic vocals and very little in the way of Robyn vocals. But despite that it’s actually one the album’s standout tracks as it gathers pace like a steam train for a electroclash finish.

As you might expect, ‘Do It Again‘ is probably the album’s most commercial sounding track and while it flys pretty close to bro-glitch – it’s actually one of the album’s highlights. Big, brash and quite frankly bloody brilliant.

The album’s biggest highlight comes from ‘Every Little Thing‘ which falls somewhere between italo pop and crusty electro. It’s the one song that sounds like neither side has compromised; Robyn’s vocals are swashbuckling brilliant in both delivery and content, whilst the real meat of the track is vintage Royksopp, bone-achingly beautiful from start to finish.

The album’s closer brings you down for a cushion-soft landing with a 10 minute acoustic affair that doesn’t seem to feature Robyn on vocals. It’s a meandering cacophony of shimmering synths, doughy basslines and chirpy melodies but doesn’t really add anything that you haven’t heard before and ends up sounding like a missed opportunity to finish out on a real high.

There’s a lot to love about ‘Do It Again‘, while it does fall between two stools in places, on the whole it proves that three heads are better than one, and when said heads get it right – they really get it right. At least three of the tracks can be held up against almost any of their individual work which, for esteem talents like Roby and Röyksopp, is no mean feat.

HBF 4/5

‘Do It Again’ tour dates below:
June 13 Sonar Festival (Spain)
June 14 Northside Festival (Denmark)
June 26 Marymoor Park (Seattle, WA, US)
June 28 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (San Francisco, CA, US)
June 29 Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, CA, US)
July 18 Melt Festival (Germany)
July 19 Latitude Festival (UK)
August 8 Øya Festival (Norway)
August 9 Way Out West Festival (Sweden)
August 15 Pukkelpop (Belgium)
August 20 Pier 97 (New York, NY, US)
August 21 Wolftrap (Washington, DC, US)
August 22 HB Pavilion (Boston, MA, US)
Mini album pre order link: http://doitaga.in/

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.