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Review: Danger ‘July 2013’

Franck Rivoire’s musical alias Danger has been shrouded in mystery ever since the French producer dropped his debut EP ‘09/14/2007‘ in 2007. Since then the producer has released two follow-up EPs, ‘09/16 2007′ & ‘09/17 2007′, both, again, titled as dates which were released in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Even stranger, apart from the fact there’s a man from Lyon who makes electro, wears a gas mask and has white orbs for eyes – are the names of his tracks which are all given cryptic titles like ‘3.16‘ or for today’s EP ‘1.30‘.

As you might have twigged, today marks the release of the producer’s fourth EP which has been named ‘July 2013‘, oddly enough. It consists of 4 brand-new tracks, and is also the first release on Riviore’s newly formed label 1789 Records.

Now, Danger’s sound has always been at the bleeding-edge of electro, but over the years his sound has matured and gained cinematic qualities to work alongside his ghostly appearance.

The EP’s opening track ‘1:09‘ is basically Danger meets Tron, and that’s no bad thing – but for those of you who are looking for a club banger you might be a little miffed. Everyone else, though, will love it.

The EP’s second track ‘1:13‘ is a heavily orchestrated piece of cinematic electro with all the trimmings. Easily one the producer’s finest tracks to date.

‘1:30’ is arguably the EP’s swansong. Part electro symphony, part Zimmer epic, Rivoire paints a tapestry of acrid synths and snarling basslines every bit as compelling as his masked persona.

‘1:42’ follows a similar path to what has come before it as you start to get a real sense that the whole EP was written for a film or animation that only real exists in Rivoire’s mind.

HBF Rating 5/5

Out now.

  • GreedPhantom

    Nice review. An artist who did always the same thing, he’s not à good artist. You understand that. DANGER new EP is a true masterpiece. A slow and warm start with 1:09 and powerful 1:42 to end. JULY 2013 worth the wait !


    Thank you – you’re completely right, it is a masterpiece. Certainly worth the wait.

  • wo1t

    “his debut EP ‘09/13/2007‘” It was 09/14 2007 :)


    Ahhh now I see why he does it, it’s to confused and embarrass bloggers ;) – thanks, all fixed.

  • dope! never heard anything like this. so epic.

  • ForsYard

    I have to disagree with the 5/5. If you have read what he has on his new label’s website 1789records.com, he talks about being disappointed with recent films, compared to those of the past.
    “Yet I feel numb, except for the roaring sub-basses that fill the void of cinemas.” I have some of those same feelings with the new EP, and it lacks the magic of his previous efforts, in my opinion. Even the illustration of the sleeve has a much more pronounced CG look, opposed to the hand drawn characters for the last two, which also reinforces this comparison. I support artists expanding their style, and exploring new ground, but this falls flat for me. The long wait from the last EP certainly accounts for some of my disappointment. There are some moments here, but I was hoping for something more, as well as more variety.

  • mkln

    the audio quality of the whole EP is just abysmal. too loud and distorted. even at 320kbit/s it sounds as if it was < 128. this is really a disappointment because the songs are good.

  • Lou

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Lou

    Thanks for the review. Just wanted to note he is from Lyon, not Paris.

  • Ubik

    you can find this EP on “qobuz” in Master Record 24b! And i am ok i’ts real Masterpiece :)

  • Topher Berley

    Explanation of the EP name:

    By writing the EP name ‘JULY 2013’ in the super-skinny film poster typeface, Danger is trying to say he is intending the songs to have a cinematic feeling.

    I can almost imagine a voiceover man saying, ‘COMING THIS JULY… DANGER’

  • Nik3000

    I felt like this on the first listen, then I took some time.. and listened again. on headphones. and I realised it’s absolutely incredible. it’s like a soundtrack to the end of the world. or the beginning.