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ZZT, as well as being an early nineties computer game, is a long running collaboration between Zombie Nation and Tiga.

As with many collaborations the gaps between releases can be protracted – so it was a pleasant surprise when this new two-track EP release appeared after a lengthy lay-off.

Both tracks plod along nicely in a style we’ve come to expect of Zombie Nation – plenty of bleeps, thick drums and analog squelchiness –  but reveal themselves as more than just filler with two unexpectedly melodic breakdown sections.

The EP retains the dark and experimental qualities of 2011’s ‘Partys Over Earth‘ but with a slightly more dancefloor-friendly feel.

Givin’ In‘ was released March 10 via Turbo Recordings.

James Brown

is a musician/producer from the north-east of England, now residing in a charmingly frenetic area of north London. He is generally engrossed in music production under his Plainview moniker, and has a soft spot for old-school sci-fi novels with badly drawn covers. You can find him out and about in Dalston and Stoke Newington most weekends, or Djing at his residency for club night French Cafe. Feel free to contact James at james_philip_brown@yahoo.co.uk