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Skream Busted Using Disco Sample Pack

When Dubtstep producer Skream started making disco it would be fair to say that most people raised a cynical eyebrow. Remixes for Duke Dumont and his recent ‘Roller Coaster‘ have been really well received and the producer even said he would be making a mini disco album.

In an interview with DJ Mag, the producer talked about how he’s making his disco: “The main thing about it is that there are no samples. It’s so easy to try and make a record that sounds like Daft Punk, but you’ll never be as good as Daft Punk! The musical element is really important to me. I finally feel comfortable saying ‘I’m making disco’. Before, I was finding it so hard to get that vibe, to make it feel authentic, now I’ve played some of the tracks out between big disco records and they stand up with them, which is the thing I’ve been aiming to do for so long. It’s so hard!”

Oh really?

Unfortunately this statement doesn’t really ring true as Ghosts of Venice has came across a sample construction kit that sounds exactly the same as the producer’s recent foray into disco. The worst offender being his popular Duke Dumont remix when is lifted entirely from a disco sample pack – simply speed up, with the vocal slapped over the top.

Listen to the clip below – and let us know what you think.

mp3 via https://twitter.com/wkbdyb

  • LPX

    Gotta love the Disco Gold Pack! I guess the problem is with him having taken credit for it without it being so, other than that sample away!

  • romo

    The problem of today’s Electronic dance music producers sometimes is that they really think they can do everyting they want. Less EGOtrip and a “stay grounded” attitude would help!

  • patz

    this just shows that real musicians / producers like Shook, Terje, Breakbot etc are not faking shit, but actually really creating something ‘new’. This shows however how egocentric and narrow minded some of these so called ‘artists’ have become. Faking a lot of stuff, and instead getting more focus on the ‘person’ and less on the creation of actual new music.

  • stupocalypse

    Haha, unlucky mate. Only getting caught for something which tons of people have done. Bespoke production ftw.

    To be fair, he used to get away with it with presets a lot.

  • ed

    is this music journalism? ..i came across this and you know…there are tons of tracks which use samples…there are many producers who make hits with samples alone…they have no music theory or understanding of music but seem to still put those tracks together and create something which enhances emotion good or bad.thats what music is…could you please take the said sample pack and do what you can with it and maybe let us all have a listen??? i would love to hear what you do with it…i have not heared or a fan of this artist but i love music and respectfully want to add to the discussion.peace ed

  • willow mouse

    Has this article been pumped through a web translator? The composition is awful!

  • tiny

    the problem is not that he used the samples, but that he stated that the remixes and tracks he created contained no samples. also, I’m assuming he either barely reworked them or just left them dry. as a fan of hip-hop and other genres that sometimes rely heavily on samples, I can see why this would be an issue. at least he probably paid for the sample pack.

  • Myles

    Who cares really? If he’s making tunes that people enjoy listening too then why should people cry over where he got the sounds from?

  • simon

    well this has sparked much debate, whilst “sampling” is a rather grey area in electronic music, I really don’t think this can be classed as “sampling”. It’s just an artist buying a construction kit (not a sample pack) and using it..literally just buying full tracks (thats split into its elements) and claiming them as their own work.

    Maybe Im the one thats old fashioned and out of touch, maybe this is the standard now with young producers?.. but to me this isnt “sampling”.. its just lazy and lacks the artistic integrity you would normally expect from such an accomplished producer..poor.

  • Gabe Day Lewis

    except he’s not really making them at all is he?

  • StopYaBitchin

    The music itself it built from sampling. Too many people trying to drag people down rather than drag themselves up.

  • David Hammonds

    Isn’t the whole point of royalty free sample packs that you can freely use them. Okay, some may turn up their nose but what are they for if they’re not to be used?

  • Edward Alves

    Who really cares?, there are much bigger issues going on in the world today that need to be reported and read. “Guy uses sample pack to make music” isn’t really a story.

  • Anthony
  • pablo

    I think its really exciting time and you shouldn’t get sand in your fanny cos people use samples, guess what? ALL OF HIP HOP AND HOUSE IS BASED ON SAMPLING CULLTURE. its about listening to something really exciting and then having the technology to start re-interpreting it in your own way. Some people are just better than others. It doesn’t matter what scream is doing I don’t care.

  • elvis skreamed presley

    who cares hahahha…we been sampling for many years now,embrace it use it abuse it,make it ure own…..however calling it ure own is funny,bit thats it,elvis never wrote any of his own songs….stupid analagy but again who cares,you try sampling a track and making it sound good today :] jumps off soapbox …………………

  • lazay

    French artist samples disco records = revolutionary
    Skream samples SAMPLE PACKS = fraud


  • Nasty McQuaid

    I gotta laugh at this – I wrote the DJ Mag article quoted in the piece, and Skream spoke to me at some length about how he’d spent hours in the studio learning to ‘write disco properly,’ he really went on about getting it right and not just rinsing samples… #CaughtSlipping!! Still, fair play, he also completely defined the direction of dubstep with a series of stone cold classics, so I’d say we can forgive him the occasional liberty…

  • Basil Genimahaliotis

    Paft punk are the leaders in sampling and basing their tunes on classics of the 70’s and 80’s . In a lot of cases, the originals are better ! Lost respect for them when searching on youtube, I typed “daft punk samples” – Im sure they were licenced to use the tracks but Daft Punk, especially on the Discovery albumn are in no way original.

  • Rob

    Which part of the word ‘make’ is giving you difficulty Gabe?

  • Kraprobot

    Don’t think half of you understand the difference between sampling and using a sample pack… the first is fine the latter is really really not fine.

  • Pri-Mark Sutton

    The difference between doing what Breakbot etc have done, illustrated in the whosamnpled links, and what Skream has done is the difference between hunting a lion which may or may not be in some dense jungle, and having someone hold down a lion so you can shoot it.

    That Dumont tune is still a banger though..

  • snaz

    Bla bla bla, dance music just raised with sample and apropriation of something.

    Like lazay said here:
    French artist samples disco records = revolutionary
    Skream samples SAMPLE PACKS = fraud

    And the 90’s rap producers doesnt did this? How all soul references come from?

  • Guest

    Why are you listening to music? There are so many things you can better spend your time doing.

  • Edward Alves

    Enjoying music and writing banal non stories about it are two very different things.

  • samuhka

    The only issue is that he said he didn’t use it.

  • benny froobs

    yeah and then he fuckin redefined it into the ways of brostep

    there was a lot better dubstep producers than him back in the day tbh…. when he was also ripping off midi loops, for those that remember ;)

  • benny froobs

    stop trying to defend him you bunch of fucking spengs

    sampling is listening to some old soul vinyls and going “oh man, what a fucking sick sax riff”, ripping the sax riff, then using it creatively in a track youve written urself.
    sampling is NOT listening to some old soul vinyls, ripping the whole fucking song and putting like 2 tiny bait extra vocals on the top.


  • kuti

    in the quoted interview he is talking about a disco album he is working on, not about “roller coaster” or “duke dumont remix”. though i reckon “roller coaster” will be included in the album..

  • charlie


  • aaroninky

    Idiotic comment in the extreme. I guess the entire web and printed press should cease and only start talking about the economic crisis or something.

  • Edward Alves

    Why do you think this is an idiotic comment Aaaron? Please explain.

  • aaroninky

    There are always ‘much bigger issues’ than the one at hand. AIDS? Nuclear war? Who cares, man. We’re just a tiny speck of dust in the giant blank excess of the solar system. The end of the solar system, you say? Fucking trivial – there’s a whole galaxy out there! etc. Comment on the matter at hand; not every piece of journalism or writing has to be some ultra-essential, to-the-core piece. It’s fatuous. You’re reading a music blog – just how much consequence do you want the articles to have? Are you expecting some sort of Syria coverage here? Look at the URL.

  • aaroninky

    And the fashion in which he did use it is rather lazy and uninspired…

  • Skreambled Eggs

    Id like to weigh in on a few thing, first of all.. this article.. its terribly prepared with little or no research, The headline for a start is WRONG. Skream didn’t use sample packs, he used a construction kit (which is worse)..there is a world of difference. If you had of done your research you might realize this. Construction Kits aren’t just loops, they’re whole stems.. so anyone who classes this as sampling is WAY OFF BRUV.

    Secondly the “busted” headline is ridiculous..he was perfectly within his rights to use what he bought (or possibly illegally downloaded ahem), and he never actually mentioned anything about the remixes in his dj mag interview.. so technically he didn’t lie.. BUT

    If he’s .. err.. “guilty” of anything its just a bit of naivety in thinking this wouldn’t come back to bite him, if you’re going to re-brand yourself as a disco producer..then this isn’t the ideal type of headlines you want to be making..

    anyways.. my opinion on the actual sounds.. didn’t chrome totally own this kind of sound like 6 years ago?

  • Edward Alves

    To set this in context, from my point of view this is another piece of incredibly lazy music journalism. It’s a story about nothing – and people who really give a fuck about how the music was or wasn’t constructed need a really good slap in the face.

  • Dave CJ

    Before people start bitching. . Skream taught himself on a playstation, and he’s signature sound helped make one of the biggest breakthrough genre’s in the last decade. So what if he wants to use samples, thats what they are there for. Some people don’t even make their own music and use ghost producers etc etc. .

  • benny froobs

    ur a fucking idiot man LOL

    its shit like this that just completely devalues electronic music. what sort of message does this send out to the younger generation of producers? “oh skream can get away with it, so i guess its alright for me too”. suddenly u got all these idiots getting tunes released that are just made wholely from sample packs and written by someone else.

    where’s the innovation? where’s the skill and talent?

    man ur dumb

  • benny froobs

    and yea i realise that already happens with people having their tunes ghostwritten, and tbh i think THAT is shameful too…

  • Edward Alves

    All that matters is that the music is good, doesn’t matter what tools you use. How many electronic music producers are classically trained? Not all, does the fact you haven’t done all your grades and studied music theory for the last 10 years mean you are devaluing music as well?

  • benny froobs

    i think daft punk are frauds too

    and 90s rap producers would spend HOURS and HOURS crate digging for perfect samples to use. it’s not the same as skream sitting on google and typing in “disco sample pack download”……..

  • Edward Alves

    I think the ghostwriting thing is shameful, the artist then becomes an illusion and what is being sold isn’t real, it’s a constructed image.

  • benny froobs

    the music being “good” ISNT all that matters here! don’t you understand? plz refer to my above comment and then rethink ur ignorance. (and by the way the music is fucking outrageously bad)

    i think youll find that a large number of (good) electronic music producers played an instrument when they were younger, and the ones who didnt at least try to learn some music theory to aid their production. and you can generally tell with their productions. ofc there’s a few exceptions

    there’s a limit to “doesnt matter what tools you use as long as the music is good”. that sentence applies for people like burial, who uses soundforge, the most outdated software in the word. it doesnt apply to skream, who lazily googled “disco sample packs”, used THE WHOLE SONG from the pack and then claimed “yea man, its about pure disco writing skillz, i aint usin no sample packs”.

    look at what 2562 did with disco samples…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LCeL44eDW8

  • benny froobs

    and do u think this is any different to ghostwriting?

  • Edward Alves

    Lazily produced music generally sounds like shit lazily produced music, i haven’t listened to the Skream tracks but he sounds like he has shot himself in the foot if he’s released a load of shit. As i said before it’s not the tool,it’s the result that matters – obsessing over what he used is missing the point. He could be strangling little furry animals and recording them on his i-phone for all i care.
    I don’t give a shit what UR used to make this, all i care about is the way it a fantastic piece of timeless music. I think they left the disco packs out for this one

  • Edward Alves

    At least he did it himself -or did he?

  • Philip Kaulfuss

    Using samples is not the issue; sampling is one of the main reasons house music exists.

    The issue here is using sample/loop packs, which is to music production as assembling flat-pack furniture is to carpentry. Absolutely no skill or craftsmanship required, all the hard work is done for you.

    Skream has previously suggested that he has put considerable effort into perfecting the disco sound from scratch, when that is evidently not the case at all.

    Perhaps if people better understood the finer points of what’s happened here, they wouldn’t be so defensive of this bandwagon jumping hack.

  • benny froobs

    no, he didn’t write it at all, that’s the point

    someone who put together the sample pack wrote the WHOLE song…every single loop

    all skream did was put them together EXACTLY as the people who made the sample pack had intended them to be put together, put like one shit vocal sample on the top, then tried to pass it off as his own production. you don’t think that’s wrong?

  • benny froobs

    man lol…..ur entirely missing the point here :D

    in this case it IS the tools he used that matter. because the tools he used was a pre-written song from a shitty disco sample pack, that he tried to pass off as his own. savvy?

    man this is like talking to a brick wall lol

  • Edward Alves

    Oh,he just nicked a whole song? Well i’m sure he’s not the first and won’t be the last – nevertheless it’s a very boring story and this is an incredibly dull thread – i hope you find something a bit more interesting to get angry about.

  • benny froobs

    ive got plenty of interesting things to be angry about. i dont think you can get away with patronising anybody when its taken you about 15 replies to grasp the idea that he ripped off a whole song, when thats exactly what ive been saying, fairly explicitly, the whole thread. dullard ;)

  • Edward Alves

    I think you need to get rid of that sand stuck up your vagina Benny.

  • DJ PhacePhack

    Skream using sample pack … damn.
    Guys I stumble upon http://samplepacks.info
    give it a look.

  • benny froobs

    you lose


  • Edward Alves


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  • MillersCrossing

    Love it how this guy keeps contradicting himself till the point where he ends up calling a thread (where he posted like 15 comments on in a time span of a week) dull. And then tops it off with the ultimate argument: “get rid of that sand stuck up your vagina”. Internet discussions are so priceless.

    Dear Edward: stop wasting your time talking about things you obviously don’t know shit about. You’re only making yourself look ridiculous.

    As for Skream: the quote about working hard in the studio creating the perfect disco sound was about Rollercoaster. He didn’t say this about his previous disco remixes. Still, as a guy who screws around with Reason myself I think it’s pretty not done to use a fully worked out instrumental from a pack and call it a remix.

    And don’t confuse this stuff with real sampling. Sampling, when done correctly in a creative way is an art in it’s own right. Just listen to how old skool hip hop producers used a few bars of 70s funk and soul records to create a whole new fresh beat wtih them (Pete Rock comes to mind). Or if u want a contemporary example check out guys like Gramatik.

  • doni

    bro he didn’t make a tune…

  • doni

    this is kind of a huge liberty isn’t it?

  • Techno.22

    Give him time though, it’s a brave step into the unknown for Skream. When he’s produced remixes as strong as Chromeo’s ‘Night by Night’ you know that soon he will be in his element and not having to use construction packs.

  • Northrope Fry

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  • Le Cochon Bleu

    At least it’s getting him off that awful dubstep crap. And into proper dance music, and proper jazz / soul tradition music. It may lead to a good appreciation of the meaning of house and dance music and good productions.

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