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When Dubtstep producer Skream started making disco it would be fair to say that most people raised a cynical eyebrow. Remixes for Duke Dumont and his recent ‘Roller Coaster‘ have been really well received and the producer even said he would be making a mini disco album.

In an interview with DJ Mag, the producer talked about how he’s making his disco: “The main thing about it is that there are no samples. It’s so easy to try and make a record that sounds like Daft Punk, but you’ll never be as good as Daft Punk! The musical element is really important to me. I finally feel comfortable saying ‘I’m making disco’. Before, I was finding it so hard to get that vibe, to make it feel authentic, now I’ve played some of the tracks out between big disco records and they stand up with them, which is the thing I’ve been aiming to do for so long. It’s so hard!”

Oh really?

Unfortunately this statement doesn’t really ring true as Ghosts of Venice has came across a sample construction kit that sounds exactly the same as the producer’s recent foray into disco. The worst offender being his popular Duke Dumont remix when is lifted entirely from a disco sample pack – simply speed up, with the vocal slapped over the top.

Listen to the clip below – and let us know what you think.

mp3 via https://twitter.com/wkbdyb

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.