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Having released three singles and 12 remixes last year you can’t blame Punks Jump Up for taking their foot off the gas in 2013. Well, their self-imposed hiatus ends today with free single to tide you over until the duo releases a slew of new original material throughout 2014.

The duo’s new single, ‘Fairlight‘, is a lot easier to pick apart than some of their more eccentric works, like ‘Blockhead‘ for example. It also comes in two distinct flavours, namely a video version which appears in spacey video directed & animated by Neal Coghlan and house-y-ier club version. The video version is arguably our favourite of the two as it throws you right in at the deep end with a swashbuckling start and the earlier introduction of a hooky vocoder.

The club version is no less impressive, though, but it does make you work a little harder as the hooks are desperse amongst 90s percussion and less flamboyant keys – evidently concentrating on the groove rather than impact.

The duo have understandably kept a low profile this year, choosing to concentrating on finishing new material. Apparently more new material will see the light of day next year in the shape of various singles & EPs, including collaborations with some incredibly talented artists, old and new.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.