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Australian electronic band Cut Copy released their new track ‘Let Me Show You‘ this past month and, much to the chagrin of their adoring fans, it was a vinyl-only exclusive given to the first 120 people to visit their booth at Pitchfork Music Festival. Rumor spread of the release and not long after its unveiling multiple flimsy YouTube videos surfaced leaving fans hungry for the official online stream.

You can now listen to the full track sans cheesy YouTube commentary on Modular People’s SoundCloud. ‘Let Me Show You’ is a sprawling release that sounds similar to their fifteen minute epic ‘Sun God‘ off the last album, ‘Zonoscope’. Not nearly as long, it layers a heavy acid-house squelch on top of the groups’ signature synthpop sound. Midway through the track Dan Whitfield’s vocals are imperceptibly twisted into the soundscape to create something akin to a cosmic trip.

Not quite a significant departure from ‘Zonoscope‘, this track undoubtedly remains true to the Cut Copy sound. Whether this hints at a new album from the group, I suppose only they can show us.

Cut Copy – Let Me Show You at Pitchfork Festival from Cut Copy on Vimeo.

Shea Kopp

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