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Prolific re-edit maestro Rayko, has been making his way into the record bags of DJs for the last 5 years. With an impressive array of disco and funk re-edits to his name the Spanish producer/DJ keeps a high level of quantity without sacrificing quality.

His ‘Can’t Get Enough’ EP continues Retrospective’s trademark boogie aesthetic. The EP is a mishmash of rubby basslines, 80’s synth breaks and soulful vocals that combine to stunning effect almost guaranteeing its place in the record boxes of the scene’s leading players.

Busy as he seems, we managed to catch up with the Spaniard to find out what he’s been up to, what he’s got coming up, and what’s the worst DJ request he’s had so far.

HBF: What kept you busy before you started producing/DJing?

My degree in Audiovisual Communication.

HBF: With Spain being one of the party capitals of the world, do you feel that heritage has had an influence on your music?

Of course. I love to make and play music with a strong party feeling into it.

HBF: What’s your favourite country/venue you’ve played and what venues are on your wish list?

That´s very difficult to answer. I have played in a lot of cool venues across the world. Last month for example, I was playing at Womb (Tokyo).

HBF: With a lot of 70s and 80s influence in your music, do you think we’ll ever see a period with as much influence on dance music again?Are we always going to be looking back?

I really think we will never see something like the massive explosion of creativity of those years happening again.

HBF: What made you decide to start Rare Wiri? Do you feel releasing on your own label is the best thing to do for a DJ/producer?

I started Rare Wiri as a way of releasing my music without having to ask to anyone.

HBF: What’s the worst request you’ve had as a DJ?

Some weeks ago, a girl came to the booth to ask for more danceable music, and her concept of this was Michel Teló “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”

HBF: Are there any new remixes/edits in the pipeline?

Yep. I´m already finishing a remix for Ilya Santana. And some fresh 12” releases with edits are coming out soon too in labels like MB Edits, Vitalizer, or Rare Wiri. And my first album of original tracks is going to see the light after the summer at Nang Records.

HBF: Bar your computer, what piece if studio hardware or software could you not live without?

My Juno 60

HBF: If you had to sum up Rayko in three words?

Music + Love + Party

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We’ve also got a rather tasty exclusive for in the shape of a Rayko’s DJ set, he keeps things upbeat and disco, pulling out some hidden gems from the past and giving them all a touch of Rayko magic. And if you like Miami Vice montages then you’re in for a treat as there’s also a cheeky video for his ‘Can’t get Enough’ edit, which is out now via the Retrospective imprint.

00:00 Touch Me (Rayko Edit)
07:18 Win You Back (Rayko Edit)
13:28 People (Rayko Edit)
23:34 Step Out of my Dreams (Rayko Edit)
28:54 Bored (Rayko Edit)
37:20 Can´t get Enough (Rayko Edit)
43:47 Sho! (Rayko Edit)
50:31 I got your Number (Rayko Edit)

James Trigo

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