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Daft Punk To Make Rare TV Appearance Next Week On The Colbert Report? *Updated: Confirmed*

Update: So it’s been confirmed by Pitchfork that Daft Punk will appear in some form on a special Colbert show dubbed “Colbchella”, check out the promo artwork – quite the monstrosity.  The show is scheduled for August 6. 


So just when you thought it was safe to come out, Daft Punk hysteria has again spread across the internet like wild fire today as the French duo are rumoured to be making a rare appearance on US television next week.

Talk show host Stephen Colbert made a special appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s NBC late night show, in which he appeared on stage dancing to the robot’s recent hit single ‘Get Lucky’.

Apparently the unscheduled appearance was a clue to Colbert’s guest for his show next week, according to a Colbert fansite. For us, it’s hard to imagine that the robots will just sit down with Colbert and have a quick chat, but it could be conceivable that the second single might be getting its unveiling on the show – we just don’t know.

Chic’s Nile Rodgers has all but confirmed the next single will be out in August – so the recent Colbert rumour would fit well with that.

Rodgers recently wrote: “There’s going to be me, my band Chic, and some of the hottest acts and surprises on the planet that day… which happens to be around the time the next Daft Punk single drops (I’m just saying).

Andrew Rafter

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