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Steve, Steve, Steve, you just can’t catch a break can you. This week it was revealed that Steve Aoki uses pirated software to make his music; the revelation was revealed in a recent Youtube video which in turn generated the usual torrent of Aoki bashing.

But should we actually care?

Well I personally think we should, if a producer, who let’s face it, has some money to burn can’t be arsed to pay for the software he uses then how can he expect normal right-minded bass-ethusiasts to buy his music legally?

It’s obviously not fair on the software company, who must loosing out on thousands, and it certainly doesn’t do Aoki’s somewhat troubled brand any favours. But ultimately it’s the fact that if a producer is making music with dodgy software how can expect anyone to pay for it. If he’s unwilling to pay then I don’t think it’s fair to ask his fans to pay either.

He not the only one, let’s not forget Mylo, he openly admitted that he used a pirated DAW to create his infamous ‘Destroy Rock And Roll’ album, which went onto sell a ridiculous amount in 2005, we’re talking millions.

It’s certainly a grey area, and clearly it’s rampant with artists most likely unable to pay for the VSTs and DAWs that they want at the early stages of their careers.

But the problem is actually worse than you might expect: we’ve heard stories of fee-paying Music Schools no less selling pirated software to their pupils for a sly £50 under the teacher’s desk.

So if an artist makes it off the back of some pirated software would it be unreasonable for him to donate a one-off fee to the software company as a thank you maybe?

Let us know below.

via: Stoney Roads

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.